Replica Blancpain Unique human watch

At 3 o'clock, Blancpain opened a novel "goose egg window", which made the familiar round table have a unique charm, and the whole watch suddenly became special. You can only sigh, Blancpain's design talent is endless.

The date component of the watch is used more frequently than any other complex device, which is practical and important. So when I saw this watch and saw the fancy font in the "Goose Egg Window", I was convinced by Blancpain's introverted and exquisite design.replica rolex How could I not think that the calendar window could be so elegant?

The size of the watch has also increased from the previous 29mm to 32.2mm, the starting hand is not large, with the formal wear, casual wear, skirts are no problem, the reading time is more convenient.

Blancpain has been a women's watch for some years. From 1930, the first women's automatic mechanical watch was launched. In 1956, the stunning tablebird Ladybird (the world's smallest circular mechanical watch at the time, only 21.5mm in diameter, the movement was also the world at that time). The smallest circular movement on the base), to this year's "Goose Eggs" Villeret classic women's watch, Blancpain's position in the field of women's watch manufacturing is becoming more and more important.

This is the Swiss top watch brand that insists on only mechanical watches. The women's watches also use mechanical movements. Each part is developed and produced by itself, and all of them are self-produced movements. The mechanical women's watch is not easy to do. It is necessary to reduce the proportion of all parts of the mechanical watch and accurately assemble it. This requires Blancpain's watchmakers to have extraordinary creativity and talent.